News from the frontlines

Healthy Foods Chicago

We are so excited to announce that we have officially re-located to the corner store!!! You have to come check it out! So much bigger, better, and nicer. HUGE THANK YOU to each and everyone of you that have shopped with us and helped us get to were we are today! We will only keep […]

health food chicago

We now welcome Fermenti Artisan, traditionally fermented vegetables and beverages. Owners Mark Cox and Joshua Henson are Certified Healing Foods Specialists and trained chefs who have the passion to help people understand the connection between food and health. Fermenti Artisan operates near Indianapolis, IN. Their vegetables are naturally grown and their products are traditionally lacto-fermented […]

B&B Organics

Lately we have been asked, “Where do you get your Organic produce from?” “How do you know it is ACTUALLY Organic?” We at Amish Healthy Foods provide our customers with top notch quality products. Our Organic produce comes from B&B Organics, INC. They are a  certified organic distributor under USDA standards, B&B currently serves a […]